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Thierry Weinberg, a business graduate of the Institut Superieur de Gestion, Paris, founded a consulting firm in 2009 under the name “DoubleV Council” situated in Paris, which has since developed its expertise around three major themes. Firstly, recovering public and parastatal subsidies in the broad areas of innovation, recruitment policies and environmental decisions. Secondly, optimization of social and fiscal changes in the environment and analyzing the impact on the whole. Lastly, it also provides services pertaining to optimization of indirect purchases, otherwise known as purchases out of productions that make up the transportation expenses, office automation, energy, insurance, telecommunication, facility management and bank charges and such expenses and charges.

The sole and unique goal of “DoubleV Council” is to improve profitability for other corporate entities and provide them with the most cost efficient model to run its business in the most optimal way. It specializes in reduction in fees and also the reduction of subsidies for firms, irrespective of their activity, no matter the size.

“DoubleV Council” assists providers of services to lower their key products of expenditure. “DoubleV Council” fully controls the tasks entrusted by various public bodies (URSSAF, Tax Administration, BPI, Local Authorities etc.) as well as from other suppliers (EDF, Orange Business Team, Direct Energie, Canon, SFR Business Service, ISS, Ricoh, RLD, Norbert Dentressangle) to deliver turnkey solutions.Expert cost killing, DoubleV Council accompanies you in the optimization of one’s overhead charges, though enhancing the excellence of service (mapping with the existing, renegotiation, tenders, sourcing of new suppliers etc.).Besides, the firm also specializes in brokering insurance for firms. They are also evolving in the area of media activity, under a different organization called “2Berg Prod.”Thierry Weinberg also has a 10 years of prior experience of working for a real estate company “Maremma” based out of Paris and was designated as an Associate where he started strutting his stuff and rise towards his dreams.