A Sneak Peak Into A Forklift Driver Job

Forklift Driver Job

The work of a forklift driver cannot be compared to that of any other vehicle or truck as it needs proper forklift training, experience, and a certification to become a full-fledged one. There is so much that you need to know to become a good forklift operator, the in-depth details of most of them can be learned from www.wikihow.com. Forklift operators drive forklifts to move materials in and around the warehouses, factories, storage areas and other industrial workplaces. This machine uses the hydraulic mechanism to move things around the place, move them up and down, thereby making the work simple for the labors in the industry.

Hard Work
The job of a forklift operator might seem interesting for you when you hear it as you can only imagine a person moving some heavy materials up and down with the help of a few buttons or tools. But, imagine doing the same thing over and over again. A forklift driver has to be able to work hard.

Challenging Environment
At times, the forklift may have to be operated at extreme temperatures. You may even have to be working around fumes, different odors, extreme noise environments or even chemicals that may be harmful to the skin.

Work Timings
The forklift operator may not be able to work for a nine-to-five job and get back home. There may be situations when the forklift has to be used only at times when customers are not around, which may include night shifts or even rotational shifts.

The average pay that is given to a forklift operator is around fifteen dollars per hour and depends on the location of work and the experience of the person. The skill that they have is the deciding factor when it comes to the earnings. Forklift drivers with a good experience can earn up to or even more than twenty dollars per hour.

Though there is not much qualification required, you will surely need a certification and be 18 years or more to become a forklift driver. Employers may prefer candidates with at least a high school diploma or a GED. Some industries also prefer that they have some additional certifications like how to handle toxic and highly dangerous chemicals to match the job role in their organization. Even if you have a certification, you will have to get the up-to-date training once every three years which is mandatory.

Career Path
Most companies don’t take a forklift driver and put them on the job immediately. You may have to start from scratch if you have never driven a forklift before. In such cases, you will have to gain some experience as an associate in warehouse operations or material movements sector to get promoted into a forklift driver.

A forklift driver job can get you a decent pay, but it has its own risks. More the experience you have, better is the pay. There is a lot of potential in the warehouses especially for those in the retail industry and other upcoming ones.

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