How To Use Teak Oil As A Wood Finish – The Perfect Protection

Teak oil

Wood furniture is always in vogue. It gives warmth to a room many other materials lack to provide. Teak is one type of wood that is specially considered for furniture making because of it highly durable. Teak regains its strength without any external maintenance or extra treatment.  Furnishings made of teak do have a singular drawback. If left untreated the colour of the wood fades to light brown and then gains a greyish patina. teak oils for furniture are the simplest method of preserving the beauty of teak wood.

Regularly oiling the furniture restores the original golden hue beautifully. This wiki article details the various pros and cons of maintaining teak furniture. In here, we will give a step by step process of using teak oil as a wood finish at home. Some points to keep in mind are:

  • It is preferred not to use teak wood to make furniture for outdoors. If you do so, then do not use any random oil to finish the furnishings. This is because some oils encourage the growth of mildew in damp and wet environments.
  • Teak oil, on the other hand, is entirely appropriate for any wood furniture kept outside. It can be used on rosewood, iroko and even teak wood itself. This is because teak oil forms a thick protective barrier between the wood pores and the water. It not only gives a rich golden brown appearance to the furniture but also guards against stains, dampness, and abrasion.

Applying teak oil on wood is easy and can be done at home in simple steps. The first step is always thoroughly to clean the furniture. Dust it with a rag to remove any dirt. If the chair or table has stains or sticky residue, wash it with a mild soap. Putting an oil finish on unclean furniture will result in a bumpy and dirty look. Now that the table is absolutely clean take a liberal amount of teak oil and apply it.

The oil can be applied via a brush, cloth or spray bottle. For those who prefer to use a towel to apply the teak oil finish, use a lint-free rag. Leave the table for about fifteen minutes. This will allow the teak oil to penetrate and soak in the wood. After the set period has crossed, wipe the table gently to remove any excess oil. Make sure the extra oil is completely removed. Do not leave the table for an extended time interval; else the extra oil will dry and be impossible to remove.

Apply two to three more coats of the oil. Each layer should be put on after 24 hours of the previous. Not all furniture will require more than one coat. They are needed only when the furniture has been neglected for a long period and allowed to become very dry. It is recommended that a teak oil finish is applied twice a year; if that is not possible, then at least once every 365 days.


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