LeadsMarket Payday Loan Affiliate Program – Is It Legit Or A Scam?


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money through the internet. If you own a website or blog, you might be already aware of the benefits that affiliate marketing provides. Some of the most tempting payouts in the affiliate marketing field are provided by the loan industry. LeadsMarket offers such a payday loan publisher program which provides publishers with wonderful opportunity to make money online.

As per the advisors at www.investopedia.com, every affiliate marketing program may not be legit and may not offer good payouts. But LeadsMarket stands out in this realm. This is a truly legit program where the affiliates can make a significant profit. How does this program work and how it is different from other affiliate marketing programs? Let us see in detail!

How is the program operation?
The Leadsmarket affiliate program is a pay per lead (PPL) program. At first, you have to sign up for the program by providing all the required details. Once you are part of the program, then your task is to connect people with loan lenders. The more leads you are able to create; the more money you can earn. LeadsMarket provides weekly payouts to its affiliates. Payment method can be check, direct deposit, wire transfer, PayQuicker, PayPal or Payoneer. You can choose your option as per your interest.

What are the features of LeadsMarket affiliate program?
The following are the most attractive features of LeadsMarket program.
· Proprietary technology for lead distribution – The distribution procedure makes use of a proprietary technology known as LeadBrain. It helps to sell leads to buyers in such a way that maximum revenue is generated. Such a process enables affiliates to earn maximum.
· Dedicated support – As an affiliate, you get the support of experienced professionals throughout the program.
· Detailed statistics and reports – You get access to detailed statistics and reports so that you can evaluate your performance and make changes accordingly.
· Excellent tools – One of the most lucrative features of LeadsMarket which sets it apart from its competitors is that they provide the affiliates with excellent tools to aid their marketing. Banners, layouts, ad-texts suggestions, etc. which grab attention are provided to the affiliates. They do not charge anything extra for these services.

How much income can be generated?
The payment rates offered by Leadsmarket are very high compared to the competitors in the field. Every time a sale takes place successfully, you as an affiliate gets a significant amount of dollars. The LeadBrain based lead distribution process further increases the amount that can be earned. An affiliate can earn up to $220 per lead. If you get just a single lead per day, then your monthly income would be $6600 which is quite a reasonable sum of money!

The conclusive note
From what described above, you can easily conclude that LeadsMarket is a genuine affiliate program in the payday loan industry. LeadsMarket is indeed a groundbreaker in the industry, and you can trust them to the core! So, go ahead and be a part of their affiliate network and lap up some easy money!

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