The Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases

personal injury cases

Accidents are uninvited guests that barge into our lives all of a sudden and turns all of it topsy-turvy within a matter of a few minutes. Accidental injuries can leave a person bedridden for weeks or even months. In such cases, meeting the exorbitant hospital bills and daily expenses becomes a matter of concern as the person can no longer go to work. In such cases, efficient personal injury lawyers like the lend a helping hand and help the injured person to get compensation from the person who caused injury due to their sheer negligence. As per the, the injured person is entitled to receive proper compensation for his/her medical treatments and household expenses from the insurer of the faulty vehicle. But the point to note here is the fact that the injured person can claim compensation only in the cases where the other person’s carelessness in causing the accident is proved. Here are some of the most common personal injury cases:

Car Accidents
Most of the personal injuries are a result of car accidents. Most of the car accidents are a result of careless driving or driving without following the road rules. In such cases, the person who drives carelessly or without following rules is liable to pay the injured person a compensation. There are also several “no-fault” situations in which the injured person can’t claim for compensation unless it is a “serious case of injury.

Slip And Fall
The slip and fall cases are also one of the most common personal injury cases. Owners of properties or those who rent their areas to others are personally responsible for keeping the place free of any danger or hazards. They should ensure that the place is safe and secure. If people entering the property gets injured due to any potential hazard or danger causing elements in the property, the owner or the person who gave the place for rent is liable to pay compensation. It doesn’t mean that all types of injuries that occur at the property is the responsibility of the owner. The legal duties of the landowner vary according to that place’s state laws.

Medical Malpractice Issues
Medical malpractice issues often arise due to carelessness or failure to provide proper treatment to the patient by the doctor or any healthcare provider. If the patient’s condition worsens or gets injured due to such carelessness or failure to take proper action. Medical malpractice injury cases are complex and need to be studied in detail before moving to the court.

Dog Bite Cases
The owner of the dog is accountable for any injury or bites caused by it. Still, the laws do keep varying from one state to another. In some cases, the rules are very strict, and the dog owner is financially responsible for any injury caused by the dog regardless of whether the dog had a previous history of bites and aggression or not. In some other states, there is a “one bite” rule in which there should be at least one occurrence of the dog showing aggression or biting a person in the past. That experience makes the dog owner be more careful and liable for any further injuries in future.

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